Loco's Hideaway                                                                                             Animal Rescue                                   
Loco's Hideaway 501c3  P.O. Box 3439, 760-766-6223  Palm Desert, Ca. 92261   Serving the Coachella Valley              

Our community has many elderly people whose pets outlive them, or they are unable to care for them any longer. Many times they become separated when the owner goes into a nursing home, leaving the family  to  place them if they can't take them.  More often than not, they go to the shelter straightaway and are euthanized.  This is a tragedy for animals who have given a lifetime of love and devotion to their owner.

We do our best to find fosters for them and eventually permanent homes.  You can help by becoming a foster, making a tax-deductible donation to keep this work alive, or hopefully adopt one of these wonderful animals.   Most important, is planning for the welfare of your animals if you become ill or unable to keep them.  Life is uncertain so make that plan now, so he/she is not left without a home or funds to care of them.  Call us and we will  give you options and suggestions as to how this should be handled.    You may email me at info@awellnessexperienceforpets.net if you have questions.

                A  Holistic Organization Dedicated to the Wellness and Serenity of Unwanted Animals




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